Sponsor Recognition

We are a non profit organization that is dependent on sponsor support. Other event platforms (sched, cvent, eventbrite etc) have a dedicated section order to highlight sponsors and we’d like to suggest some of those features be added to the registration and session pages. For example, within the sessions could there be a box that falls below the large open area under the carousel layout where logos with embedded links can be displayed? Or, could the banner be extended where sponsors could be prominently displayed? Anything that could be carried seamlessly across all pages within the template would be beneficial. We have taken advantage of creating an mp4 in the ‘lobby’ that highlights them, but other than that we don’t see any other options, especially with multiple (12) vendors and multi tiers of sponsorship. Thanks.

We do lots of webinars with sponsors and just simply update our carousel banner with the sponsor logo on. We also add their logo to the console area by using the widget image, which you can then add a link to. We also add logos to slides etc. You can also include images with their logo in the body of your registration page text and also email confirmations.

You should be able to do most of this stuff in the Registration Info section like the images, embedded links, and other options.

We only run sponsored events, sometimes 2-3, other times 12+. What we do is the side-by-side layout with the registration form on the right and then the sponsor info + general info on the left; this includes logos, links, etc. This way all the sponsor logos/links are display with similar preference (if equal) or tiered by their sponsorship level.

On the main webinar console for the users, we use the resouces module to provide each sponsor with a link to whatever they want (content, website, social, etc) and then we put logos on the main console for certain tiers of vendors (if that is part of the package we sold them).

What you want to do is up-front provide the level of exposure they are getting in the sales contract with them. We’ve since really limited the sponsor involvement for multi-sponsor events; they get their company mentioned on the event page if they are speaking (normally they are) and then they get a link in the console resource widget and their logo on a couple intro slides. We provide guidance on any presentation they do based on our audience (but leave it up to them in the end) and limit their slide count and disallow videos for multi-speaker presentation.

The quality of the leads they get from the event usually speak for themself and the level engagement during the event in terms of live questions does as well. We usually have repeat sponsors and often have to limit sponsorship due to demand.